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Dec 2, 2012 11:00pm PST
bonita vecindad es la vecindad del chavo no valdrá ningún centavo pero es linda de verdad. pero es linda de verdad. ♪. (aplausos) >>indudablemente este homenaje ha estado lleno de risas y lagrimas, con mucha emotividad, una de las nuestras, maricruz esto presente, ganó su viaje a méxico, el ver tu video me conmovio mucho. el verte junto al señor roberto gómez bolaños, también como te sentiste >>verme a su lado, fue un sueño, fue una experiencia muy linda, él me dio un beso, ya con eso estoy feliz. >>maricruz es costarricense. >>si, estoy feliz de estar aquí, y con ganas de volver >>me dieron torta de jamón, se la recomiendo a todos, también me dieron mi chipote chillón >>tu que viviste tu infancia con chespirito, que'sigue. que le puedes decir a la gente que tiene familia y pueden seguir tu ejemplo >>que no se den por vencidos, nunca te dejes vencer, síganme los buenos, no se depriman porque todo pasa. todo pasa. >>definitivamente esta es una gran celebracion y tú eres parte de ella, mari, continuamos con más de esta celebracion. ♪. ♪. (aplausos) >>me encanta. es imp
Dec 10, 2012 11:00am PST
to start off with our core team, our core creative team and that consists of karin kai and linda mihara and thank you they have been working on the tree for seven years. >> and this year we have the help of dozens of volunteers and i want to particularly acknowledge the university of berkeley alfa, fi omega service community and volunteers from one brick. aid for good, the san francisco chapter. and you guys are here. the bridgemen. the left coast theatre. skip and the staff of martini's bar. yeah. and berny man and we had a bunch of burners helping us this year. yeah. and also, of course i would like to thank the mayor's office of neighborhood services and city hall events department. we worked them for seven years and they are always wonderful. and so thank you. >> it was his idea in the beginning. he must be very proud. that is a beautiful tree. and there are hundreds of cranes, when you look at it from here, it looks like it is snow-covered the tree. but you are in san francisco, that is not snow, those are oragami and each one has to be folded and it is an incredible project
Dec 2, 2012 2:30pm PST
sacarla a comer cuando sea, ¡sÍ, seÑor! aparte de linda, daniela tambiÉn es muy inteligente y estudiÓ finanzas. sueÑa con tener su propia empresa algÚn dÍa. yo le presto todo el dinero del mundo, sÍ, seÑor, ¡hasta mi Último centavo! cuenta con eso, mi querida daniela. por lo sexy, lo intelectual, porque es colombiana y una diosa mÁxima, daniela es nuestra mamaza de la semana aquÍ en la casa de la belleza deportiva, "ritmo deportivo". >>pues ¿quÉ les pareciÓ la campeona de la semana pasada? nada mal, ¿verdad? pues ¿quÉ creen? ahora tenemos a nicole, que es la competencia de esta semana, a ver cÓmo le va. [♪] omar: ¡ay, bendito, nene! ¡quÉ rico es puerto rico! hoy les tengo una muestra de todas las cosas lindas de mi paÍs, ¡sÍ, seÑor! el equipo de producciÓn de "ritmo deportivo" se luciÓ con la remamaza que les tenemos hoy. [♪] ella es nicole. este bomboncito nos modelÓ y nos enamoro con estos pedacitos de tela. ¿quiÉn fuera brillantes, papalote? como buena caribeÑa, sus curvas no nos decepcionaron y fotografiarla, ademÁs de divertido, fue muy fÁcil co
Dec 28, 2012 4:30am EST
here right away. i knew that he needed somebody right away. >> reporter: linda dawson needed a lifeline. one month ago her son david tried to kill himself. she called 191 and it was the toughest day of her life. >> i took a deep breath and she started counting. >> one, two, three, four. >> and she had me count with her. >> okay? >> one, two, three, four. >> and i continued the cpr the whole time. >> reporter: miles away first time mom to be and prince george's county 911 dispatcher edwards kept calm. >> ma'am, you can take the compressions, somebody opened the front door. one, two, three, four. >> reporter: linda managed to get david's heart beating before ems arrived. >> is he breathing? >> yeah. >> we get to the hospital. and at the hospital, he flatlined three more times. >> reporter: what followed was three more days of doctors with bad news. >> from then on that he wasn't going to make it and i didn't want to hear that. >> reporter: linda poured her heart out to friends and family on facebook. >> and i asked them if they could come up and visit him. talk to him. touch him and over
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
. >> reporter: it's going to be a busy day for malls and stores around the area. i am linda so live at the mall in columbia. some of the benefits of waiting until the last-minute before holiday shopping. >> the rains take down the defending superbowl champs ending the 3-game losing streak. we will tell you why it's such big news for the guys in purple and black. exciting news on this monday morning. happy christmas eve. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley has the day off and hopefully he is sleeping in because it's good sleep in weather. here's meteorologist lynette charles to tell you what to expect for today. >> you need that extra blanket on the bed. you are waking up this morning and going shopping i know a lot of you procrastinators but bundle up as you head out. look at temperatures in hereford at 31. very dry air in place. dew points in the mid to low 20s this morning. 31 right now in glen burnie and our last stop in west friendship at 31 as well. as we see maryland's most powerful radar, it's dry. we have all five sweeps on and scanning the skies and right now, no
Dec 17, 2012 10:00pm PST
downtown san francisco. linda yee is at the mall with more on what happened tonight. linda? >> reporter: well ken, it was a scare when somebody saw sparks flying on the roof, they called the fire department. while the alarm sounded, fire trucks set up aerial ladders just in case rescues were necessary. well, it turned out it was just a small grease fire inside the slew of one of the restaurants. students at san francisco state extended classrooms on the top floor were told to leave, but they did it voluntarily. they decided to shut down the theater. and now at these times, that made for some very tense moments. >> because of the alarm, i said oh, i hope there's no gunman coming here to shoot up. because that's what happens in america, you know? >> reporter: well as the movie goers left the theater, it turns out that the stores were still open and shoppers were still shopping. i talked to some fire commanders at the scene saying no evacuations were ever ordered. it was all voluntary and no one was ever in any danger, ken? >> don't try to stop them when they are shopping, rig
Dec 28, 2012 1:35am EST
get somebody here right away. i knew that he needed somebody right away. >> reporter: linda dawson needed a lifeline. one month ago her son david tried to kill himself. he called 911, and it was the toughest day of her life. >> so i took a deep breath, and she started counting. that one, two, three, four. >> and she had me count with her. >> one, two, three, four. >> and i continued the cpr the whole time. >> reporter: miles away, first time mom to be and prince george's county dispatcher diena edwards kept calm. linda managed to get david's heart beating before ems arrived. >> is he breathing? >> yes. >> we get to the hospital, and at the hospital he flat-lained three more times. >> reporter: what followed was three more days of doctors with bad news. >> from then on, that he wasn't going to make it, and i didn't want to hear. that. >> reporter: linda poured her heart out to friends and family on facebook. >> and i asked them if they could come up and visit him, talk to him, touch him, and over 60 people came and saw him that day. it's a miracle. it's definitely a marry cal. i'm t
Dec 27, 2012 6:30am EST
more than an hour maryland live casino at arundel mills will be making history. i'm linda so, why they will never have to lock their doors ever again. >> just still hanging out in the casino. there you go. all right take a look storm number one out of here. how about a weekend storm that can deliver snow? i'm meteorologist mike masco. >> mike,'sy conditions aross -- icy conditions across the region. details on another crash on 695 coming up on "good morning maryland w=!n >>> thursday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle, this is the abc2 news to go. >> and i'm charlie crowson, meteorologist mike masco. mike what are you cooking up for the weekend? >> let's start with the wind -- that will be ongoing today. notice here's the stats from the airport. 13-mile-per-hour sustained wind right now. 37 degrees feeling like the 20s right now. northern and western suburbs, 33, manchester 37. into joppa and right now baltimore city sits at 41 degrees. by the way with the winds and higher than normal tides we have a coastal flood advisory fort deposit later this morning. annapolis yo
Dec 27, 2012 8:30pm PST
. one more hand for linda and she does a wonderful job. it is really do get wishes from all over the world and we love to read some of them. we are going to have two people come up and read. but before they do, we got a late wish and just came across on beautiful stationary and we cannot fold it because it is on nancy pilosi sent us this message, each person puts in their wish for the world for the year and this is so well worded and if you know nancy it rings true. >> my wish is to live in a society where marriage equality is a reality for all and where all-american families are treated with dignity, and equality. [ applause ] the next two speakers are coming up together. we have a little school girl and a supervisor of san francisco, i bet that you will be able to tell which one is which. >> the 10-year-old girl is the president of her class at her elementary school and the larger person is a member of the board of supervisors. >> hang on hannah oconnel and scott weiner. [ applause ] >> so i am not hannah. i will be reading wishes tonight and alternate. the first is from sisters in
Dec 30, 2012 10:30am PST
will be hear again. thank you and good night. >> linda chapman. i went through the file and find the report that you got to be pretty dishonest. among other things stating that they had received no letters of complaint and so forth. i had sent -- the reason he filed to legalize this is that i had sent maybe six complaints. because of what i have heard not from these two ladies, but another lady in that building and from what i have observed and what i heard from ron case. i found by checking with justin gen and abc that there is a place for retail wine shop and it didn't say they wanted to be retail wine shop. they said we want to be a wine-tasting bar, either written in by them or abc, because that was the intent. here they were given a clear conditional use that said repeatedly in order to avoid confusion, it will not be a bar. the noise problem was brought to my attention, apart from the fact that i hear it when i go by there with the windows and doors open by many people and certainly by the managers in the building; when i went there on a different purpose that the elders th
Dec 6, 2012 6:30pm PST
y compartan experiencias de estar tras las rejas, linda candelo desde guaynabo nos habla del programa piloto. >>> el hogar de criminales condenados, no es un parque de diversiones, un mensaje que busca transmitir la nueva campaÑa contra el cimen, sigueme para que no me sigas. >>> no es un reality show donde se engrandece la vida criminal, sino llevar la crudeza de cÁrceles a los jÓvenes, quizÁ el mensaje positivo de valoles llega, pero quizÁ el mensaje mas fuerte, si continuas en el camino, esto pasarÁ. >>> tres confinados, protagonizan la iniciativa por twitter narran la cruda realidad que se vive en cÁrceles. >>> porque vives en puerto rico, existen sobre 600 mil personas que usan la herramienta, el 80% son jÓvenes de 16 a 24 aÑos. >>> uno de los reclusos seleccionados, es alexander nieves andrade que pagÓ 21 de 99 aÑos de condena por homicidio. >>> dentro de la instituciÓn se sufre a diario, cada segundo de vida aunque tengamos privilegios, por ejemplo esto, promover un programa importante. >>> para expresar experiencias envÍan los mensajes desde una computado
Dec 12, 2012 5:00am PST
para su público , amable y cariñosa . >> claro linda . >> los fanáticos esperan para dar adiós , expresan su sentir . >> vemos algunos de los mensajes que recibimos . >> adelante . >> si twitter y facebook es usado por los fanáticos de jenni rivera por la perdida de la cantante algunos mensajes . >> [♪ ♪] . >> más de 120 mensajes cada minuto, en cada uno de ellos expresan el dolor . >> en twitter, dicen, piden que la recordemos como la gran mujer que fue . >> que jenni rivera fue la mejor . >> más convocan para un gran homanej y su música se escuche en todos lados . >> en tributo otros comparten fotos que posaron con ellos en conciertos, en esta hace horas josé luis dice que es la última de la diva en tierra antes de tomar la aeronave . >> también solidaridad y admiradores dan sus condolencias a la familia rivera . >> música y videos por las redes es que se resisten como ella, muchos dicen que si pudieron quedar vivos estén perdidos . >> con el paso de la hora son más mensajes, siempre ella estará en nuestros corazones . >> de las redes sociales, los invitamos a
Dec 9, 2012 6:30pm EST
watching all this is a woman with to power brokers on capitol hill. f is very muchclif the mind of linda. they need to put aside these differences they have. of 10 employees at the capitol hill that counts house itsker john boehner among customers. she worries about the year and a possible government cutbacks. >> they are our main source of keeping the business open. if it goes down any further, we might end up closing up. k of a deficit deal a $800 billion in domestic and defense cuts that family taxes could rise $3,500. is going to be a lot of suffering among a lot of people who deserve otherwise. the white house wants a tax on the rich and increase on the debt limit. say tax tight cost american jobs. medicare is going bankrupt, inability will be bankrupt two years. of democratsity republicans to reach a compromise is frustrating to about socialry security and medicare benefits. a lot of times when people are dug in, they hav a lot of misinformation. still, some insist progress made. g >> our economy is moving up, not enough. go over that cliff would be terrible. in her place of work,
Dec 25, 2012 5:00am PST
pueden ver, que batallan contra el cáncer de su país y difundió esta foto como esperanza, qué linda . >> dos estudiantes sobresalietnes recibieron el regalo que esperaban por destacarse, veamos por qué fue tan especial. ♪. >> navidad, navidad, dulce navidad, (risas). hoy voy a intentar que yomari sea con la (habla en inglés), lo vas a intentar a ver si lo consigues . >> hoy estamos en pilo pico high school, una de las escuelas con más latinos en los Ángeles, casi 80 por ciento y los podemos ver, muy lindos, pero si no nos educamos no hay nada que hacer, así que decidimos realizar un cambio de imagen, haremos un (habla en inglés) a los dos niños, un niño y una niña con mejores calificaciones, así que sigueme . >> buenos días, dpña vicky ¿cómo está? creo que unos padres me están esperando, ok, ¿cómo te llamas ?. >> patricia . >> carmela . >> están como asustadas, parece que estamos en el doctor y te darán una mala noticia, no. ¿do you speak spanish? y yo quería practicar inglés, ¿quién es ninel condes? a ver si son estudiosos, haremos una sorpreas navideña
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
stage breast cancer. as health report are linda so tells us, delaying treatment, even a couple of months, could put thousands of women at risk. >> reporter: she makes cards ofen crnlgment for others. she feels fortunate for the decision she made. >> you can't worry about oh, what if this, what is that. >> reporter: jean was treated for breast cancer two weeks after being diagnosed. a new study shows how treatment prompt treatment can be. >> women waited 60 days or longer to start their breast cancer treatment. they had worse outcomes, meaning a higher chance of dying. >> reporter: in the later stages waiting too long for treatment increased a woman's risk of dying a stearing 58%. those treated earlier had in increased risk. ohio's comprehensive cancer study followed 2,000 women over three years. she said whether this was where a woman lived, how much she earned, should ab factor in future cases. >> women with the most advanced cancer. so that is another lesson. that if you have an advanced cancer, you ned to start your treatment soon. >> reporter: it's a message jean believes in.
Dec 17, 2012 5:00am PST
justice system, justis. from linda young. pieces of evidence floating or a longtime. i imagine everyone is trying to get the bad guy. there are pieces floating around, not everything came together. thankfully to the dogged persistence of -- especially when linda young, being able to pull the pieces together we are pretty much there. there will be more tweaks coming along. >> good evening commissioners. thank you for inviting the city administrator's office. my name is linda young, deputy city administrator. i will discuss quickly the justis project. the transfer of function to the city of ministers administrator's office which occurred in march, 2011. our mission is to support the criminal justice department and need to share information in compliance. the justis project is to provide sharing data get abilities, provide individual case management system to address departmental business needs for the police department, the sheriff department, district attorney's office, public defender, adult probation and to connect the court system. the city administrator is the executive sponsor and will
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
valencia. we sent linda yee to find out, what was that? >> up there! look! >> reporter: it was definitely something in the night sky. enrique barrios took this video of lights. >> it looked like flames, fireballs in the sky. >> reporter: david shelly took these pictures as they hovered over him. >> kind of looked like a fiery, floaty thing. >> strange! >> reporter: so what did dance through the sky over san francisco's mission district? even scientists are not so sure. >> it's not a planet. it's not a constellation. not meteors. not the moon. >> reporter: witnesses said the lights flickered on and off, then took different shapes. >> they kind of looked like flying candles. then they started making triangle formations. >> reporter: but there could be a plausible explanation. >> it looks to me like it could have been balloons carrying lights. >> i am a hundred percent sure this was a ufo. >> you do admit you had a little christmas cheer? >> absolutely. alcohol was definitely an influence here. >> definitely not a star ship? >> no. >> reporter: one of our viewers named heather e-m
Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm PST
, thank you very much for being here, isabel. and linda mahara, thank you for your wonderful presentation, you know the stories that linda tells every year that updates us. these are the stories that i am proud of. because for every story that she has told about the original, the origin of origami, we inherit those stories and spread them to generations of our friends and children and so they understand what hope is about. >> halahanzo, and our san francisco, polorio. thank you for being here tonight. i also know that veronica klaus, thank you for being here. sisters, i was going to say the sisters of petulince. thank you for being here as well. [ applause ] and of course, you will hear and you have heard them earlier, our san francisco boys chorus, thank you, boys chorus for being here to celebrate. and then, tonight, many of you will be treated to goodies and some refreshments all donated through the world fund and their volunteers and all of the small businesses of san francisco. thank you for your wonderful donations during these holidays. said earlier, the tree of hope i
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
is linda, the president of tax masters in rockville. linda, thanks for joining us. you have been following our facebook page. we've been asking our viewers to write questions or ask questions about the fiscal cliff. what are some of our viewers asking? >> they're asking very normal questions, like how would it affect their family with a limited income and a couple of chirp. i had to tell them it affects them quite a bit. if you have children under 17 you are immediately going to lose $500 for each child. >> that's a big hit. >> sts. the young couple with two children, that's $1,000 their taxes will go up on top of the 2% for their salary. >> is there anything people can do to protect themselves in advance of the fiscal cliff happening? the president came out and said he was still mildly optimistic. but if the isn't and the senate can't reach a deal, what could people possibly do? >> contact their congressman. >> short of that is there anything people can do? increase their withholding on their paycheck? what could people possibly do? it's all going to happen automatically if and
Dec 24, 2012 6:30am EST
accommodating all you procrastinators and all you early risers like abc2 news linda so live this morning at the mall in columbia. and i know linda the doors will be opening in about 10 minutes so you will be there to greet the shoppers. >> reporter: of course. and we see the parking lot is filling up in the last ten minutes. we have seen more cars parking here. it was empty an hour ago but macy's jc penny will open 579nordstrom at 8 so will the rest of the mall. there's tons of last- minuteholiday shoppers. 17 million people say they actually shop on christmas eve. today, a good bulk of the shoppers have not started the shopping yet. so expect to share the malls share the stores with those procrastinators. a lot, again, expected today. i was here at the mall this weekend on saturday and the parking lots were full i got stuck in the parking garage trying to find a spot. so you want to be patient as a lot of people wait until last- minute to get the deals. but again macy's did something this weekend that they never did before. they stayed open nonstop since friday night and friday they sta
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am EST
. >> a strike involving dock workers could happen this weekend. linda so is live at federal hill and linda this could be affecting us on down the road. >> reporter: we have the port of baltimore generating lots of money and jobs. but the longshoremen thousands of them if they go on strike sunday, everything all of the cargo that comes through the port will be affected. the stuff that's in the containers are clothes toys electronics. just to give you perspective here, 55 billion dollars worth of cargo is handled in an average month by ports on the east and gulf coast. so if a deal can't be reached by saturday, thousands of dock workers will be walking off the job sunday morning. and at issue are the large containers and the payments longshoremen get. shipping companies pay royalties to dock workers for the containers based on the weight. but they want to get rid of the royalties something longshoremen are not willing to give up. and if an agreement cannot be reached the economic impact from a strike would go well beyond our ports. >> the impact would be great on the dollar value side
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am EST
know how the weather is going to be. here's meteorologist mike masco. >> you think linda is gambling this morning? >> absolutely. yes. >> 41 in town but outside the beltway. 36 timonium and bel air good morning to you. 35. it's a chilly morning and we do have a coastal flood advisory so fort mchenry tunnel just some minor flooding right now. port deposit near havre de grace minor flooding. so just know if you live in an area prone to bay flooding you might want to move things the higher ground. the second story this morning will be the winds and it's a high wind advisory through the course of the afternoon. as winds could gust up to 40. perhaps maybe 350 miles an hour. so it's a raw ride out there for the rest of the morning. gusty winds and then yes, a weekend storm potential and this could bring some snow. we'll talk more about that come up in just a little bit. let's talk traffic and lauren cook over at the traffic plaza/center. how we doing out there? >>> we have icy conditions and in fact the state highway administration is urging everyone to stay off the roads until the sun com
Dec 5, 2012 6:30pm EST
for wisconsin's linda and jim mcmahon. until it had to be sold out from under linda to pay back a reverse mortgage as soon as her husband died. >> i get a letter, sorry to hear about your husband passing away. buy the house or move out. >> reporter: reverse mortgages give homeowners an immediate cash payment in exchange for future equity. allowing them to stay in the house until death. but only people 62 and older quali qualify. linda was too young to be on the mortgage, so, when her older husband died, she lost everything. it's only one danger inherent in the reverse mortgage. >> hi, i'm fred thompson. >> hi, i'm henry winniklewinkle. >> reporter: critics say the commercials prey on vulnerable seniors. and today, the government is warning that reverse mortgages are not free money. >> turn their equity into tax free cash. >> give you tax free cash. >> they are not being told about the down side. >> reporter: right now in america, 57,000 seniors in reverse mortgages are in danger of losing their home. a nearly 10% foreclosure rate, four times higher than traditional mortgages. tomo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 551 (some duplicates have been removed)